Simulate to Educate

A Congressional District/ State Work Period is a critical time to educate your Senators and Representative about the importance of medical simulation training!

Nearly all Senators and Representatives will spend a portion of their State or District Work Period back home. With health care reform on the forefront, policymakers will want to schedule meetings to hear from their constituents on health care concerns.

That's were you come in! This is an opportune time to invite policymakers for a medical simulation demonstration and tour of your facility.

AIMS wants to make certain that as many Senators and Representatives as possible are invited to tour a medical simulation center and observe the impact of medical simulation training first-hand. There is no better way to gain support for medical simulation training than to have elected officials view medical simulation in action. To paraphrase the saying, "a visual os worth a thousand words."

Personal observations of medical simulation training during these visits will translate into supporters of civilian medical simulation training in the Washington policy debates.

You must act now! Senators, Representatives, and their staff are working right now to put together their upcoming State and District Work Period schedules. It's never too late to invite your elected official to tour your facility.

If you want to participate in the AIMS Simulate to Educate Project, it is important that you follow the steps below. *Please note that additional information can be found in the downloadable documents on the right side of this page.

  • Send an invitation letter to your three Members of Congress. We've prepared a sample letter to send to your Senators and Representative. Feel free to modify it to address the specific circumstances of your medical simulation center. First, check the website of your Senator or Congressman for the meeting invitation process for that office. Following that process, please send this invitation off to the office of your Senators and Representative immediately. A few days after you send you request, be sure to follow-up with a phone call to the office to ensure your request was received.

  • Plan on three separate meetings. Remember that you will be trying to schedule at least three meetings--one for each Senator and another for your Representative. You might be lucky and get more than one elected official participate in a single meeting, but given the difficulty of coordinating their schedules, you should expect three separate meetings.

  • Communicate with AIMS. If you are planning to invite your Members of Congress to your simulation center, please notify AIMS via email at We want to compile a list of Simulate to Educate project participants so that we can keep the broader community aware of our outreach. Also, if you communicate with us, AIMS will let you know if there is another simulation center in your state contacting the same Members of Congress. It is important to know where duplication might occur.

  • Remember the State and District Office staff. If your Senators or Representative are unable to accept your invitation for the August state/district work period, extend an invitation to their state/district staff. Having key state staff exposed to your simulation center will help to build relationships and will prove useful in future scheduling discussions.

  • Ask Questions! AIMS staff is happy to assist you in any way possible to implement this invitation. Feel free to contact us at or (202) 230-5091. We'll talk you through the process, answer any questions, and help you in any way that we can.

AIMS urges you to take up this challenge! Set your goal to secure visits for all three of your elected officials to your simulation facility. You'll have some fun, and medical simulation training will get Congressional support as a result of your efforts.