Are you thinking about coming to the 2011 AIMS conference, but worried about the budget at your simulation center, hospital, or university?

Stop worrying! AIMS is here to help!
We’re making a one-time commitment to bring more soldiers to Washington to help advocate for healthcare simulation on Capitol Hill. From now until March 25th, if you register for the AIMS Conference, you can bring a friend at no cost. AIMS is serious about making an impact with the new policymakers in Congress and we cannot do this without healthcare simulation experts like you!

If you are committed to simulation and passionate about making a difference in healthcare education, don’t miss this opportunity to come to Washington. You will get first-hand, inside-the-beltway training about advocating for healthcare simulation in a tough budget climate.

The AIMS conference kicks off at 5:30 pm on Monday, March 28th with a keynote address from TLC reality TV star and simulation center director, Dr. Jennifer Arnold.

On Tuesday, we will hear from senior government officials about the latest federal government action on healthcare simulation. Tuesday afternoon we will focus our attention on how to advance simulation in a tough budget climate.

These efforts will help prepare you and your colleagues to walk the halls of Capitol Hill with confidence on Wednesday. Together we will send a strong message to your House and Senate representatives, educating them about the importance of healthcare simulation.

New to advocacy? Don’t worry, AIMS has it covered! This year we have scheduled a pre-conference to spend a few extra hours on the ins and outs of Congress. It’s OK if you can’t remember everything from Civics 101. We have experts on hand to bring you up to speed.

If you want to learn more about AIMS, and find out how you can help carry the simulation message to Capitol Hill, call us at 202-230-5091 or email us at Policymakers are tired of hearing from lobbyists in Washington. They need to hear from constituents like you about what really matters. We can’t do this without you!

Take advantage of this offer by registering at: