Join us as AIMS kicks off it’s second annual “Advocate in Your Home State” initiative this August! There is no better time than a Congressional recess – when members of Congress are back home meeting with constituents – to educate your elected officials about the value of healthcare simulation and the need for healthcare simulations resources.

The majority of members of Congress return home several times a year for a brief period of time during these Work Periods. That’s where the healthcare simulation community comes in!

Congressional support can be generated by showing policymakers and their staff healthcare simulation first-hand during simulation center tours.

Take action now by contacting your members of Congress and inviting them to tour your simulation center. AIMS staff has prepared some useful steps to help you, as you are contacting Congressional offices. Please note that additional information can be found on the "take action" page, in downloadable documents for your convenience.

August recess is right around the corner, so hurry and act now! Take the AIMS challenge… secure visits from all three of your elected officials!